Photo of Esera Tuaolo.

Esera Tuaolo

2022 Honolulu Pride Grand Marshall

Esera Tavai Tuaolo, born in Honolulu of Samoan descent, is a former American professional football player in the National Football League (NFL). In 2002, after retiring from sports, Tuaolo announced to the public that heʻs gay, coming out on HBO's Real Sports. Since then, Tuaolo has been a strong advocate for the LGBT community, working with the NFL to combat homophobia in the league, and as a member of the board of the Gay and Lesbian Athletics Foundation. Tuaolo has entertained a singing career during and after football, singing the National Anthem at sporting events, releasing his own music, such as "Stronger", and performing at various venues in the U.S. and Europe. Tuaolo is also an author. His autobiography, Alone in the Trenches: My Life As a Gay Man in the NFL, was released in the spring of 2006. It details Tuaolo's upbringing and sheds light on how his experiences with poverty, sexuality, and football shaped him.

Honolulu Pride Festival | 10/15/2022 | Waikīkī Shell & Diamond Head Greens

Featured Performers

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  • The Party Monsters

    The Party Monsters

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  • Honolulu Classical Ballet

    Honolulu Classical Ballet

  • Marina Del Rey

    Marina Del Rey

  • Eden Simon

    Eden Simon

  • Apple Aday

    Apple Aday

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A group of friends pose with a rainbow flag under a shady tree in the park at the Honolulu Pride Festival.

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